The Boeing Company Hi-Tech Rubber
Bank of America Utility Trailer Manufacturing
Douglas Aircraft Company RB Industries
Chevron Oil Field Research IndyMac Bank
Coca-Cola Enterprises AlliedSignal Aerospace
Buena Vista Home Video (Disney) American Pacific State Bank
Lions Head Capital Bill Good Marketing

What we lack in quantity of clients, we make up for in quality. What is most important to know here is that many of the companies on this list became long-term clients, even if our relationships with them didn't start off that way.

Example: Our work for Douglas Aircraft started as a month-long "experiment" for one person and turned into a two-year-long project for six individuals! Originally called "impossible" by the VP for Human Resources, the 15-module engineer and manager certification course we developed ultimately received unprecedented support from Douglas senior management and a rare endorsement from an FAA regional official.

Example: The integrated [enterprise] application developed for the rubber and plastics manufacturing industry through our client Hi-Tech Rubber/Hi-Tech Group, started off as a small project to expand an Access database program. Our relationship with this client—ending only with their sale in 2008 (we are still friends)—was forged over many years of working as a "member of the team," not as an outside contractor.

The bottom line is this: These kinds of long-term relationships do not happen overnight. They have to be earned over time by consistently providing quality goods and services to clients who see they're getting real value from their investment in us.

What our client list also says is that you are not the first to trust us with your business. And that should make you feel a bit more comfortable about getting to know us.

Please visit our comments page for what the representatives of these clients had to say about what we did for them.

Client Comments

Client Comments
"We are very excited about the System Engineer/Manager Certification Course. Not only does it meet all of our effective training criteria, it also has the potential for yielding an excellent return on [our] training investment...
"This training is a giant step toward [our] objectives of building quality into our processes and products, and reducing cost and waste while improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the work we do."
R. G. Berger, GM, Human Resources
McDonnell Douglas

The year is 1789...

Vienna is in the depths of a recession and Mozart is having trouble finding work because his usual clients don’t want to spend any money.

“After all, my dear fellow, it’s only music…”


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