Business Solutions

• Accounting

Benchmark has created accounting and financial reporting applications for various industries (banking, investment management, construction lending and manufacturing), and from Quickbooks, McCracken and Peoplesoft integration utilities, to the development of complete ERP general ledger, accounts payable/receivable and reporting systems.

• Business Intelligence (BI)

The overall name for the technology that allows companies to slice and dice information a hundred different ways—virtually instantaneously—is Business Intelligence (BI). These tools can provide valuable insight into personnel efficiencies, marketing results, production trends, sales force effectiveness, costs and profits (to name a few). The technology is not new. What is new, however, is that such analysis is no longer the sole purvue of a back-office analyst or programmer, but can now be easily and quickly accessed by any manager with a desktop computer or mobile device.

• Inventory Management

The inventory management requirements for manufacturing companies can be daunting whether it's for finished goods, WIP and raw materials tracking, JIT/Kanban stocking requirements, control number (unit/lot/batch) tracking, assemblies and kits, OEM min/max levels, product revision control, retail vs. wholesale, LIFO vs. FIFO accounting, inter-plant transfers, and much more. Benchmark has built custom applications to bring simplicity and efficiency to these complex business processes.

• Barcoding

Benchmark can provide barcoding solutions for a broad range of applications. Whether its inventory management, work-in-process tracking, retail sales or data-entry of handwritten forms, adding barcoding to your workflow not only increases efficiency, but also helps to ensure data accuracy and the timely availability of that information throughout the organization.

• Rubber Compounding

In rubber manufacturing, the ability to properly record and monitor the effectiveness of rubber compound formulations is a key element of product success. Compounding formulations are often closely guarded trade secrets, mandating limited and secured acess to their details. In highly-regulated fields, such as medical device manufacturing, the ability to track compounding lots back to their formulations and maintain process integrity, is a critical factor in regulatory conformance and manufacturing efficiency.

• Imaging Solutions

Benchmark's imaging solutions address the problems associated with image access and relevance. For many companies, the use of pictures and drawings plays an integral role in day-to-day workflow processes. While many companies have "gone digital," too often, these digital image assets are buried inside standalone databases or, worse yet, in nested levels of shared folders on a network server. Our imaging solutions bring these assets up front, associated with the business record for which the image was created... customers, vendors, inventory items, production processes, machinery, etc. For example, images and drawings associated with a manufactured item are right there, in the master record of the manufactured part and are available whenever that part is referenced in sales orders, invoices, quality control processes, etc.

• Quality Mgmnt System (QMS)

Quality Manuals, Work Instructions, Inspection Criteria, Nonconformant Materials, Corrective and Preventative Actions, Process Control, Product Identification and ISO/FDA Compliance Requirements... represent various aspects of quality management for which Benchmark has built custom QMS applications. For our clients with existing off-the-shelf QMS applications, we have integrated those applications with other line-of-business applications to ensure that the collective efforts of the QA department are not lost by the actions of other departments (like accidentally shipping non-conformant parts, selling first-article parts as finished goods, providing incorrect certification documents to the client, etc.).

• Tool & Mold Management

In the highly-competitive manufacturing arena, companies that implement effective tool-crib management enjoy a strategic advantage in meeting their customers' JIT agreements, as well as more effectively meeting their internal goals for quality and production efficiency. Benchmark's tool and mold solutions help our clients answer questions such as, "What is the current value of our inventory?" "Where ARE the tools?" "What is the vendor's turnaround time for rework / repair?" "What are the comparative production efficiencies and defect rates between two molds for the same part?"

Client Comments

Client Comments
"[The stockbrokers that I’ve been hearing from] were especially pleased with their ease of understanding the program’s content. Because of the way the material was presented and the clarity of the information, they were able to shorten their start up time which translated into substantial savings."
Richard Falzalore, Certified Financial Planner
Prudential Bache

The year is 1789...

Vienna is in the depths of a recession and Mozart is having trouble finding work because his usual clients don’t want to spend any money.

“After all, my dear fellow, it’s only music…”


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