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Corporate Training (1987-1994)

Benchmark Software, Inc. (BSI) began modestly enough as Charles Carr Consulting. Between 1987 and 1994, core products and services were directed toward development of high-end training programs, materials and packages for clients Douglas Aircraft, Chevron Oil Field Research, Coca-Cola, AlliedSignal Aerospace, Bill Good Marketing and others (print manuals, audio and videotapes, support materials and phone conferencing, as well as product design, marketing and promotion).

Custom Software (1994-2011)

The development of a computer-based training (CBT) product for the financial services market in 1993 marked the beginning of our transition from corporate trainers to developers of custom software business applications. However, it was a highly-complex software project for Boeing in 1994 that resulted in a shift away from training to full-on development of custom software and consulting as our core services.

Following the Boeing project (development of rapid prototyping simulation and forecasting software tools for the global management and distribution of military aircraft parts), Benchmark developed business applications for Bank of America, Utility Trailer Mfg. Co., IndyMac Bank and Hi-Tech Rubber/Hi-Tech Group.

Custom Enterprise Software (1999–2008)

The largest custom software project during this time involved the development of an enterprise-level solution for the rubber and plastics manufacturing industry that effectively integrated manufacturing and accounting business processes. The application consisted of modules for accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, production, sales orders, quality assurance, graphics/imaging tools, shipping, equipment production, personnel scheduling, and statistical analysis for managers. The product, originally developed in Visual Basic, is being upgraded to the .NET environment for broader industry licensing and distribution.


Benchmark offers a variety of high-quality services that have earned them a reputation as a group of professionals who truly care about the success of their clients. To quote a key financial staffer at McDonnell Douglas, "We always feel that we get our money’s worth with Benchmark. In fact, they spend our money [when submitting invoices for payment] with the same watchful eye as if it were their own money being spent. This attention to our fiscal needs—coupled with a reputation among our managers for excellent products and services—sets them apart as vendors."

Client Comments

Client Comments
"I want to thank and commend your company for the work recently completed on our FileMaker database.
"...your company has certainly taken our efforts to an entirely new level of workflow efficiency and security.
"The knowledge, integrity and competence your organization brings to the table is very refreshing in this day and age. We know a continued relationship with Benchmark will keep our data systems in the best of hands."
William W. Lee, Executive Director
Lions Head Capital, Visiting Angels

The year is 1789...

Vienna is in the depths of a recession and Mozart is having trouble finding work because his usual clients don’t want to spend any money.

“After all, my dear fellow, it’s only music…”


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